Monday, December 14, 2009

day number 1.

sweet friends,
this week i have finals at my university. i do not like them, not one bit. but i don't think they care much about whether or not i like them, so i am out of luck.--well, seeing as how i must be studying, studying, studying, i can only post a little something each day... so i came up with a countdown of memories from the semester. i hope you enjoy & i apologize for being lame this week...

Monday nights this semester i worked as a designer for our school newspaper-- The University Daily Kansan. It was a totally new experience for me & i loved every minute.

I met some really great friends this semester while designing, and i am so glad i took a chance & tried it out. i loved it so much that i am designing again next semester! woot!

we had a lot of hilarious moments while in the news room and i had the best/funniest design chiefs, they are my favorite.

BUT, i think the best part of the semester was receiving the following award...

you see, this semester i had a really hard time containing myself from yelling "that's what she said" at least 3 times a shift. i can't say it didn't break the ice in getting the conversation going. i am going to frame it and hang it on my wall.

i'm already assuming my children will
one day be oh-so-very-proud-of their mother ... ; )


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  1. No need to apologise! Finals = an understandable topic!
    You show those exams who's boss! They'll be over before you know it, and I'm sending you magical studying powers from afar :)
    As for your award - NICE!!


  2. Oo That is a really cute and funny award! Good luck on your finals!!

  3. cute award!!!

    Good luck! (I know how you feel!)

  4. Anna Banana, I am very proud to be your bestie right now. I wish I got that award!!!

  5. Good luck with your finals. I wish you the very best! We'll all be here when you get back. :)

  6. haha that is amazing! i always knew we'd be real-life friends! :)

  7. Oh, I am in love with that phrase too! Perhaps a bit too much. I love your award, congratulations!

    Good luck with your finals. I'll miss you, but I'm looking forward to peeking into some of the highlights of your semester! I'm already excited that you worked at the newspaper. I heart newspaper staffs and late nights in the office. *sigh* Sometimes I miss my former life.

  8. Best award ever!

    Good luck with your finals ;)

  9. You MUST know my brother. He says that too many times. And he writes for a newspaper....coincidence? I think not.


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