Monday, November 2, 2009

being sick with Liz Lemon.

my dears,

i am sorry to have let you down this week. i couldn't finish any sunday sweets due to the illness i have been fighting all weekend. i tried to pass it off as merely allergies until i almost passed out from exhaustion only 8 minutes into the first halloween party i attended.

needless to say, i have been in bed since about 10p.m. saturday night. i am bummed out. especially since i had to miss halloween, along with three tests i was supposed to have today! now i have to catch up one tons of homework & find time to makeup three tests... eek. i'm worried about catching up, yet have no energy to hardly even hold a pencil. silly immune system, where have you been?! i have been sick far too often this semester. oy.

well, here is a funny quote from last week's 30 Rock... which i have recently been addicted to. i am stoked to have rented the seasons to keep me company whilst fighting this bugger of an illness.

Liz: *tirelessly hurt and sick* Do you even care that I am not feeling well??
Jack: Of course I do!
*grabs a broom and comforts Liz with it* There, there, there.
*soothed* Thank you. That’s nice.

Hopefully the medicine the doctor gave me today will help me get back to normal & get these tests knocked out of the way... & most importantly, back to my regular blogging!!

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  1. Feel better soon Anna! Don't feel bad... we miss you, but want you to take care of yourself so you get better!

    ~ Jen

  2. Hope you feel better soon, Anna!
    You get lots of rest and take care - don't let anything worry you until you're well again :)
    Best wishes, love!


  3. i was flipping through the channels and saw that one scene. so funny! hope you feel better!


    Oh I hope you feel much better SOON!!!

    I hate being sick and it is even worse if you have tons of work. But don't worry and keep smilin darling!

  5. time for you to feel better already! I hate being ill!

  6. That 30 Rock scene cracked me up! Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Oh my gosh! I can't believe you've been ill and I've not been able to come over with chicken soup! My dear Anna, I am sorry, I hope you get better soon lass, and I'm sending you good karma, bug busters and a huge jar of candy. If I send it to Anna, care of Texas, will it arrive ok?

    Thinking of you. xxx

  8. Oh, icky. :( It really stinks to be sick when you have tests to take. I did that ONE senior year. It was horrid.

    I hope that you're back on your feet for a bit...but take it slowly. Overdoing it will just smash the lil ol' system back down to nothing.


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