Monday, October 19, 2009

{Quote of the Week.}

week {zweiundvierzig};

{via: flickr.}
"You fit in. Maybe not here, but somewhere on this earth there's a bunch of people just like you. So what are you waiting for? Find them, because when you find people you fit in with, chances are, there's someone who's meant to be with you. And everybody needs to find who they are meant to be with." -unknown.
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  1. LOVE this! Thank you for this great reminder ^_^

    (and what a cute photo)

  2. i had to travel 6000 miles to find the people i fit with. and if that wasn't lucky enough,i then found him as well..

  3. But then some people spend their whole lives trying to fit in that they forget to be who they really are...

  4. Oh I love to quote and the photo is so sweet :)

  5. Sometimes you make the people you fit in with, like your family; these little mini me's who laugh at my jokes, love my food and get my humour. I know where I belong. Thank you Anna. x

  6. I'm struggling...I'm not sure who I am anymore and I am really tired of trying to fit in and be loved. Every time I love...I lose. It sucks losing and being rejected.

  7. ohhh i just love this so much! at home sick and this made me feel instantly better :) happy tuesday!

  8. i really like this quote. and your photo is great too!

    Thanks for following my blog too anna!

  9. Your blog is just by far one of my favorite blogs, I always love what you post, it just makes me so happy.

    Thanks for just being you and being so great!


  10. This is so true. Sniff sniff.

    Off topic, though thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. *blushing*. I also mentioned about your blog (although I referred to it as 'Ponderings Of A Hopeless Romantic' :P) as my inspiration for changing the texts/fonts in my posts making them look fun. Apologies that I failed to tell you....allow me to make up for it. :) Thanks much.

  11. aww thanks for the quote. I needed to hear something like that =]
    Love your post and blog!

  12. I think I found my people... And I moved to another country for them (well, not just for them of course, but they are a big part of me moving) and I couldn't be happier :)
    Thanks for posting this!


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