Friday, October 23, 2009

Operation: Ice Bridge.

My dad, you know the "godfather of radars", well he is in Chile. Why? you ask: Oh because NASA chose him to lead the KU CReSIS team in collecting data while flying over Antarctica.

It's a six week excursion & he was pretty stoked before he left. But my dad is so humble that he didn't tell us that it's kind of a big deal...

I went to my school's website last night to look up some information for class and the home page was all about the trip! They had even interviewed my dad!
before he left I tried to convince him to do a video blog, but that's not really his "thing"...
But thankfully, last night I came across a plethora of great finds. Operation Ice Bridge has not only a twitter, and a blog, but also a youtube page with webisodes! so cool! (no pun intended. ok it might have been.)

go dad!

p.s. i love that he said "really pumped" in the article. he rocks!
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  1. Woah, that's absolutely amazing! MASSIVE thumbs up to your dad!

  2. wow how special! congrats to your dad! i'll be checking it out :)

  3. That is soo cool! I really wish he did the video blog! ha


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