Saturday, October 17, 2009

memories to warm the heart.

[circa 1993, front row: Jon, Geoff, Anna--
back row: Michael, Christopher, Katie, Emily.]

I think everyone has a certain part of their lives where they truly wish they could freeze time. Whether it was three years ago, today, or still to come, whether it was just a moment, a whole day, or a whole summer. Everyone has a time in their life where they wish everything would just stop. The world would stop turning and people would stop changing because to them, at that time, everything was perfect.”

last night we went to my aunt jill's house for her annual halloween get together... it was a blast! we ate yummy monster dogs and chili & then ventured to the enchanted forest for a night of fall fun. the air was brisk, the children were bundled up warm, & giggles filled the air.

as we sat on the hay ride, my nieces & nephews cuddled up, i looked out to the beautiful forest & tried to breathe it all in... wishing i could freeze time.

but i know that they will never forget such wonderful times & they will remember them fondly, just as i am able to with my treasured childhood memories.

we are so blessed to have such moments to cherish.
& for that,
i am so very thankful.


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  1. That sounds so amazing! I miss having great family times like that.

  2. That's so wonderful :)
    I love those moments, and love hearing others' stories about those moments!
    These memories will last a lifetime - have a fantastic weekend! :)


  3. I remember trick or treating with my brothers and sorting our candy as we watched the Great Pumpkin...good times!

  4. Oooh such fond memories...the photo is priceless! Lovely weekend~ xo*

  5. Very nice sister.

    On a completely different note - you need a button.

  6. How cute!!! :) Sounds like you had a good time at the party. I have another one going on at my blog right now. Won't you stop by and meet my distinguished guests!?

    .......Harrington Manor's doors are now open for a enchanted, yet haunting evening...won't you and your guest drop by?....MUUUwahahahahaha!

  7. Ahhh I love creating such great memories!! Here's to many more <3

    PS. Aren't the holidays the BEST?! That picture is fabulous. I wish I could be as cool now as I was when I was a kid! Haha ;)

  8. I just found your blog through a link. Its awesome I love the quotes.

    Lindy .

  9. I wish you all the happiness in the world Anna! I hope you make many many more memories!

  10. i think i've got several periods in my life which i wish i could freeze and enjoy forever. but the longest period would probably be the first hyear of my son's life. my daughter was 3 then, and we were all just so HAPPY. Not that we arent happy now, but looking back, that was just such a perfect year for all of us... you know?


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