Tuesday, October 20, 2009

{The University of Kansas} through the seasons...

“Stretching out on its own unbounded scale, unconfined...Combining the real and ideal, and beautiful as dreams.”
Poet Walt Whitman on the view from KU's hill

i love my university.
doesn't it have such a beautiful campus?
we are lucky to have a wonderful dose of all four seasons...

& did i mention that
i am proud to be a jayhawk?
: )

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  1. It is beautiful. I love the winter images.

  2. this is amazingly beautiful! =) you lucky girl

  3. Your university campus is amazing! One of the most beautiful ones, for sure. It actually beats Yale's. But that's my opinion. ;)

  4. Oh wow, I absolutely love it! Such a beautiful university!

  5. What a beautiful campus..! My niece's brother in law went to your school and they are all proud Jayhawk fans too!

  6. Wow that really is a beautiful campus!

  7. awww Anna, that makes me miss KU so so much

  8. I am linking this up right now. I can't help it. It's gorgeous. Gave me goosebumpies. I might that place.

  9. Visiting from Tooj's! Gorgeous pictures. Makes me happy that I decided to leave NYC and get to experience Syracuse's beautiful campus even if it was for one year.

  10. Ah yes. I am an alum, too and i miss being able to see it every day. Thank you for sharing and making my day!

  11. stopping by from TOOJ's place!

    these photos are FABULOUS. wow. what a great place to go to school!! i'm jealous!

  12. Wow! UK is gorgeous! I cannot decide if I like the fall or winter better there. :)

  13. It is a lovely campus! I also enjoy experiencing the four seasons. I spent 4 years in Michigan and took photos of the first snowfall/blizzard (California girl here).... Then come march, the winter and cold got to be too much. No more photos after that first year! :-)

    Now I'm happy to have (usually) milder and shorter winters here in Germany than in Michigan, but still enjoying four distinct seasons.

  14. I can't wait to take my camera out and get some pictures of the campus. I seem to miss getting pictures of fall on campus every year. LOVE these pictures, thanks for sharing!

  15. Your campus looks beautiful!
    When I was little, my dad went there once. I was too young to remember/care what it was for, probably some conference or something - but I remember him bringing home a t-shirt, and a small jayhawk souvenir that we kept in our living room for years. And when I was in junior high, in art class, we had to carve a bar of soap into something interesting - so I tried to make a bird and I tried to copy what the jayhawk looked like! I'm not kidding. I made a jayhawk out of a bar of soap.

    (sorry for the rambling comment, haha, this just jogged so many random memories!)


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