Thursday, October 22, 2009

is it friday, yet?

{via: tumblr.}
dearest darlings,
this week has been quite funky. everything has just felt a you know what i mean? perhaps i was too spoiled by our fall break last week & got too comfortable lounging around, sipping apple cider & watching the office all day...

anywho, i've been super busy with lots of exciting projects, & of course, with all of my courses... math 101 has been stealing so much of my time away from your lovely blogs!! math is not my friend...

i'll definitely update you soon about all the goodies i've been working on!!
don't think i've forgotten about you, i could never!

hugs to You all!

p.s. if you want to contribute a special something special for the october giveaway email me ( & let me know! i need a little help... (wink, wink, etsy-ers, wink, wink...)
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  1. Ahh, I hope math 101 starts being kinder to you!
    Sending happy vibes your way for a splendid week! :)


  2. this week has been off for me too! though i didn't have maths to contend with so you get my sympathies! x

  3. That photo looks so much like you. Maths sucks. ;O)

  4. I consider all weeks "off" weeks, if I have to work. ;) Enjoy your weekend. It IS Friday now.

  5. ugh math is the worst! i hope you have a great weekend though! i love that neat.

  6. Agree!! Math was never a friend of mine either. Have a good weekend.


  7. this is such a beautiful she zooey?


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