Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ben folds & my heart.

{Liberty Hall, oct. 26, 2009.}
growing up i always seemed to end up in the backseat when riding in the car with my siblings- of course, with no say in what we listened to. but my favorites included Cake, Queen, and Ben Folds Five. --i'm pretty sure i was the only third grader who knew all the words to "Army".
riding around with my brother & sisters was the best. the windows down, the music blaring... i remember in third grade, my brother christopher and my sister katie got to go to a Cake concert which Ben Folds Five opened for. i was so jealous. i couldn't wait to be a cool high school kid so i could go to those concerts...
how lucky am i to have had such awesome siblings?

isn't he so handsome & cute?! i've always had a crush on him!

well tonight i was not jealous of my siblings getting to do "all the fun stuff". i got to go to my first Ben Folds concert. (granted, i am not a cool high school kid, rather a nerdy college student...)
& as Ben Folds took the stage and began playing "Annie Waits" i had a moment of nostalgia rush over me ...my mind went back to riding in the car with my brother, driving down 2-91, and singing "Annie Waits" at the top of my lungs... i smiled & sang along with the crowd while my heart was filled with wonderful memories.

{me & katherine, Ben Folds at Liberty Hall, 2009.}

i would have to say that if you have never seen Ben Folds in concert,
you should put it on your to-do list.

trust me.
it is absolutely amazing.

it was a better than i could have ever imagined it.
i went with my dear friend katherine & it was splendid.

for you, a taste of ben folds, himself:
this song is not only one of my favorites, but the video makes my heart melt.
when my sister got married, she & her husband used this song for their first dance.

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  1. Great picture of you and your friend! One can tell that you were thrilled to be there!

  2. Great post! I am glad it provided you with a trip down memory lane.

  3. Aw, I absolutely LOVE this post!
    Sometimes there's just nothing more exciting than having a music-related dream come true, and I totally get what you're feeling here. SO happy you enjoyed the gig!

    You have good taste in music ;)
    (The song Ben Folds did with Regina Spektor was on repeat in my house for about a month after I first heard it!)

    OK, long comment! *zips it* xxx

  4. Ben Folds is amazing, and I'm sure he's even better to see live!

  5. Ben Folds is fabulous! So is Cake. Love. Them.

    I've recently started to listen to Ben Lee a lot. If you haven't heard of him, look him up!

    I love your blog, it always brightens my day. :)

  6. You remind me a bit of my cousin, with your talk of live concerts and your love for music. :) I'm happy to see that you are enjoying yourself in the midst of the semester!

  7. I'm glad you had such a good time, girlie! I am super jealous though, Ben Folds equals love.

  8. I'm glad you had such a good time, girlie! I am super jealous though, Ben Folds equals love.

  9. I watched "Still fighting it"
    It's AMAZING!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. It sounds wonderful, lass! My last concert(s) was at T in the Park; I don't go often but when I do, I really, really enjoy them. xx


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