Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"what i did at school today..."

[except really this was two weeks ago, minor detail...]
One day in a very invigorating lecture, in a very difficult course, a girl named Anna decided to test herself.
No, she didn't test herself on anything she had been currently studying, rather she chose to channel her inner-fourth grader & see if she still had "it". "It" being a very nerdy ability to name all 50 states in less than an hour-- with out even the outline of a map.
"Could it be done?" she asked herself, hesitating when realizing how long ago fourth grade truly had been.
But Anna wasn't one to just turn down a challenge. So, Anna flipped to a fresh page in her lecture notes spiral notebook & embarked on the challenge. Although she struggled at times & had to look up with a look of serious ponder-idge,
, in fact, did "it".

"It" had been done.
With ten minutes to spare.
That's right, this Anna had listed all fifty states in under 40 minutes; with no map, no help.

Of course, Anna was simply elated & had a hard time containing her excitement in the last ten minutes of lecture.
once the class was dismissed Anna turned excitedly to her friend next to her & exclaimed her feat:

His response: "Did you really come to lecture to do that?!"
Anna's response: "Oh, so clearly you came to improve on YOUR doodling."

but nevertheless Anna was quite proud of herself.

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  1. hey, thats awesome! haha i remember about a year ago i wanted to be able to name all the states as well so i learned the 50 nifty united states song...it really helped, so now i just sing it in my head!



  2. I did horrible with that. Geography not my greatest subject. US citizen or not... I SUCK!

  3. I know a song!!! And It can be done in about a min.!! imagine that! lol I wouldnt be able to if it werent for 4th or 5th grade chior!!!

  4. Oh and of course the song is in Alphabetical order to so If I am trying to think of a state near the end I have to go through the whole song!!

  5. A cute to-do-list. I somehow love the scribbled handwriting :)

  6. Wow, that's pretty impressive! I personally like using lecture times to improve my doodling...but this looks like fun as well :)

  7. Cute little story! I like the way you wrote it! Very interesting writing style!

    I am Canadian, but very familiar with US geography. Hmm... maybe I should test myself! It would probably take more than an hour though! :P

  8. I miss days of zoning out during lectures... oh wait... I still do that during conference calls at work! LOL

    Congrats on your feat, Anna!

    ~ Jen


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