Saturday, September 19, 2009

a {wedding dress} safari.

today we went to look for my friend Liz's wedding dress!
it was so fun & everything she tried on looked absolutely beautiful...making it so very hard for her to pick just one!
i suggested she pick three & have wardrobe changes throughout the day. ha!

here are some photos from our safari:
isn't that bow just wonderful?!!?!?
i HAVE to remember that idea whenever its time to embark on my safari!
& also{!} Liz found the one! but of course i couldn't blog it, nick might peek!!

p.s. {if you ARE reading this nick, first off, hi!! & secondly, nice try...ha!}
p.p.s. i apologize for the explosive use of the exclamation points, however, it is oh, so very necessary for such an occasion!! ; )
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  1. I wouldn't be able to contain my excitement either! Don't feel bad!

  2. Anna! First I was like 'are you crazy posting her wedding dress pictures?' :)))) but luckily you didnt! She looks gorgeous in all of them tho! What's your dress gonna be like?

  3. Yay! How fun! =) I love that first one! Glad she was able to find "the one!"... The Dress and the Guy... equally important of course. ;)

  4. I'm with Atlanta...I'm loving that first dress. :) I remember looking for mine...and when I put on "the one", I knew it "was". How fun for you to be part of it!

  5. They are both beautiful, but I am leaning towards the first one! :)

  6. How gorgeous...she will be a beautiful bride.


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