Wednesday, September 30, 2009


according to wikipedia....

is a sixteen-day festival held each year in Munich, Germany, running from late September to early October. It is one of the most famous events in Germany and the world's largest fair, with some six million people attending every year, and is an important part of Bavarian culture. Other cities across the world also hold Oktoberfest celebrations, modeled after the Munich event.
I love the Lederhosen. I was pretty disappointed that they aren't as popular in Northern Germany, where I spent six weeks. p.s. they are quite expensive, seeing as how they are made from leather & very decorated brilliantly!

Maßkrug,or in English, "1-liter beer steins" are carried by the waitresses
& are much heavier than you would think. I could barely hold an empty one!

"Amount of beer consumed at the
2008 Oktoberfest in Munich: 6.5 million 1-liter mugs."

i love the gingerbread hearts with so many sweet messages!

i adore all the beautiful outfits & i think the little kids look absolutely precious!
my kids WILL be dressing up when we go.

one of the many beer halls during the day.

i love that everyone dresses up! its such a lovely tradition!

even at night the streets are filled!

& this is one of my favorites:
i love the cute smile & blushing of the Polizei girl! how cute!

Oh dear Oktoberfest, I shall visit you someday & I will love you even more than I expected!

you should check out this adorable post by kim from Baroque Babies about her dirndl & her experience with Oktoberfest!

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  1. I love Oktoberfests of ANY kind anywhere!!

  2. I've never been to the Oktoberfest, but I'll definitely try to go next year.
    And you really like Lederhosen? I am more than happy that they're only popular in Bavaria!

  3. ok, so i'm not an English or German specialist, but what does "prost" mean?because there's a romanian word "prost" too, and i got confused:)

  4. OMG! I want to go! One of my friends from college went last year and again this year! So jealous!

    ~ Jen

  5. i'm thinking we all should just meet there next year! ; )

    & ruxandra "prost" means "cheers" of sorts! its a toast to one another when you drink! i love saying it all the time now! : )

  6. I love how just one point of view could change another. For example, I've never paid much attention to Oktoberfest. I'm not a big beer drinker and although my maternal grandfather is of German descent, we've never really paid much attention to where it was we came from. Your photos and captions make me interested. All in thirty seconds. I LOVE different points of view. And of course, I should like's "MY" month.


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