Friday, August 14, 2009

to my sister Emily:

happy 24th birthday, sister!
{sleeping me & smiling emily, 1989.}
my gift to you:
sweet sweet memories.
{i'm broke--give me a break.}

look at how well we got along right off that bat:
{emily holding me, 1989.}

we are so environmentally conscience--even as young kids.
conserving water by taking baths together.
what can i say, we are trend setter's sister.
{emily & me, 1990.}

oh, and who knew we've always been so domestic-- not to mention so very fashionable!
{emily & me 1993.}
i love you, sister.
look forward to many more memories to come!

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  1. While we're getting in free Birthday shout-outs - here's mine to her as well...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER!!!

  2. Uh, is that a fuzzy blue toilet seat cover?? Your mum rocked!

  3. helen- i love your comments. you are so flippin' funny.

    & YES that is a blue fuzzy toilet seat cover. thats just how we do it in A-muh-ricah.

    xo funny lady.

  4. How sweet! And i have that same toilet seat cover right now in 2009!

  5. I hope your sister had a wonderful bday! Those pictures are too cute. :) And that bathroom already represented your KU crimson and blue ties. That first pic was adorable. Babies sleeping with their arms up above their heads....too cute.

  6. i love all this toilet seat cover talk! it cracks me up!!
    on behalf of my sister,
    thank you for the wishes.

    hugs to you dearies.

  7. Happy belated birthday to Emily!!
    the pictures are so sweet! x


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