Tuesday, August 11, 2009

picnics & potter's lake.

{potter's lake today.}
today as i parked my car before walking up to main campus i looked out over our beautiful school's "backyard". {at least, that's what i tend to think of this stretch of space as.} i peered over the limestone edging the small hill & spotted far off in the distance, a tiny picnic taking place under a huge shady tree next to potter's lake. it was so whimsical, & made me appreciate the fact KU has such a dreamy campus; no matter the season.

one of my favorite times: snow-covered hills & sledding down them with all the students...& often, when we are desperate, we use lunch trays as sleds... oh, to be a jayhawk. it is simply amazing.

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  1. You have such a lovely campus!! When I go back to school for my master's degree, I will show you pictures of mine..lol- TOTALLY different!

  2. I'm jealous that you get to walk through that beautiful place everyday and I have to walk down the streets of KC,MO...

  3. I'm a Jay, jay, jay jay jayhawk....up in Lawrence...on the Kaw....God, I love our campus. I might have to walk there this weekend.


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