Wednesday, August 12, 2009

my frank brother;

unfortunately not named "frank", rather christopher.
[christopher & me, high school graduation 2007.]

my brother is always there to lend a "helping hand". not neccassarily to merely guide down the winding road of guidance to a younger sister who's quite befuddled, but also, a helping hand to smack me over the head when i'm being ridiculous.
he tells me the truth. sometimes the encouraging kind. sometimes the brutal kind. but i am so happy that he does. because if he didn't, who would?

i am grateful that he told me: lots of boys are jerks. not everyone is going to like you & that's ok. life is hard-fight hard. being yourself is more important than being of the majority. stand up for that which you feel passionately about.
& tonight he told me exactly what i needed to realize, before the day was over:

Look forward, not at what people are telling you to look at.

as i sat watching
"500 days of summer" last night i immediately saw a similarity of tom & his little sister's relationship with my brother's & mine. we aren't necessarily super close, but ever since i was little, i have loved talking to him for hours on end about anything & everything. i am so happy that he has found love, & i'm thankful he is there to listen to all my boy troubles...because before we are done talking, i always need him to remind me that everything will work out the way its supposed to
& of course
the usual: anna, get it together.


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  1. Awwww :)
    that's an awesome blessing!
    I love the advice; so true.

  2. I loved 500 days of summer. Especially when Tom's sister would give him advice (but i cannot remember her name!!!). Good movie, good lessons.

  3. I just stopped in and wanted to say I really like your blog, it looks really good and I like the way you use different size and color fonts. Very cool. I also have brothers, two awesome ones, and although we're not that close anymore, they mean the world to me!

  4. Oh, lovely blog!! And such a sweet post. :)

    Be sure and pop by and leave a note! I'm def following you, yay.

  5. I think every gal reading this just got an invisi-crush on your brother. I'm far too old for such behaviour of course...........................

  6. You say "not super close" but I know that I certainly haven't voluntarily sat with either of my brothers for hours on end, talking, unless we were forced to be in the same "area" for an extended amount of time. Now, that's not to say we don't like one another...but chatting? We didn't do it. I think what you've described sounds like a very sound, healthy, and helpful relationship. I would say "listen and be open to his sage advice" but I think you're already there. :) Enjoy family!


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