Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a letter addressed to Heaven.:

{me, gma allen & geoff.}

dearest gma allen,

summer has come to pass quite fast this year. its not the same without you here. nothing is the same. i have only swam once this year--i know! i used to be a fish--so much has changed.
we miss you. i miss you everyday. i always look at precious photos of us & i smile, remembering each moment vividly. if i close my eyes tight enough, & block out the world around me i can still hear the laughter echoing through your house, i can still smell the perfume on your sweater as i hugged you. you are missed, but you will never be forgotten. never.

i miss you, grandma. how i long to rewind time & push pause. wouldn't that be something? i would want to relive so many moments...but i can't--i can only cherish the memories you have left us with, & be thankful for having had you in my life. our lives. i am so blessed. we are so blessed for having you.

i know you watch upon us, laughing right along in our happy moments, & patting us softly on the back when we have been defeated. i know you are cheering for us in our successes, and i know you are helping us every step of the way... thank you, grandma.

i miss you so much. know that i love you, & that you are always in my heart. Always.

i love you grandma,
i always have & i always will.

Love always & forever.
Anna Banana.
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  1. This was a great post, I'm sure grandma loved it very much. Stopping by from SITS :)


    This post definitely reminded me of my late grand father, who was and still is my best friend..

  3. Ciao Anna, sweet post. Your grandma knows you're a beautiful person. I didn't know my grandmothers and I would have memories like you have. Ciao.

  4. I'm sure she misses you too sister. Love you.

  5. so sweet!
    Its hard to be far from who we love...

  6. what a sweet post!

  7. My other posts didn't take...bad blogger. :O(

    Lovely post, hon. Hugs. xx


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