Saturday, August 1, 2009

for you: sweet readers.

dearest readers,
you've been on my mind a lot recently.
mostly, i've been trying to find a way to thank you for your sweet support.
i originally started this in hopes of being able to convey thoughts & things going on in my life--and i have loved sharing the things that make me happy, excited!, thankful & even certain sorrows of mine. as i started to get comments & encouraging messages from readers my heart was so elated.
it honestly has helped me in so many ways, you really have no idea what you all mean to me. every single one of you. {yes! you reading this right now! YOU! YOU! YOU!}

i purchased a lovely find in order to host a giveaway {i'm going to do one each month!}, as a thank you. {words hardly describe how much i wish to thank you!}

i found this cute vintage-esque box tote at one of my favorite lawrence shops : bloom.
{unfortunately, i don't think they have a website...} it would be perfect to store collectibles in, or even to use as a lunchbox! {or, at least, thats what i would do with it...}{oh!! the i forgot to photograph the inside-- its lined in bright green with white polka dots!!}

here's how to enter for a chance(s) to win:
1. simply leave a comment below with your name. {so i can contact you, if your name is drawn.}
2. becoming a follower gets you an additional entry. {please state that you have done so in your comment.}
3. tweeting this giveaway gets you an additional entry. {please state that you have done so in your comment.}
4. blogging about this giveaway gets you an additional entry.
{please state that you have done so in your comment.}
5. following littleremindersoflove on facebook gets you an additional entry. you have to scroll to the bottom of the page... or just see the sidebar widge for fb.
{please state that you have done so in your comment.}
6. following on bloglovin' gets you an additional entry.

{please state that you have done so in your comment.}

whew 6 chances!!
please only post once--stating all of the other steps you have done: ie: a tweet, a follow etc...

questions? email me at:

i will draw for a winner one week from today.
good luck!!


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  1. Taylor Bettles!

    love the blog!! and the tote!!!

  2. Kim Delatorre :)

    I am following your cute blog!! Thanks so much!

    "Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest"

  3. My Name is Atlanta
    I am a Follower
    and a Facbooker!

    Thanks for the chances! The tote is adorable! Happy Saturday Sharefest!

  4. hello miss! love the blog!! :-)

  5. wow! that is sooooooo adorable! i found yhour blog from tales from an oc cottage. she had your tin pictured on her blog. i am just new at this kind of thing, but wanted you to know that i enjoyed looking thru some of yhour past blogs.
    have a great day!


  6. What a sweet giveaway...I'm a to join via facebook.

  7. Would love to have my name in the hat for this great giveaway!
    tried to facebook but cannot see where I click to sign up (yes I do have a facebook page)
    if I can get to it would love to blog about your giveaway- will let you know


  8. That is SO cute! It would match my Grandmother's tea set exactly! I'm following your blog... SO cute!

    My name is Tami and you can find me by commenting on my blog.

  9. I am a follower and thanks for the giveaway it is toooo cute....Jo

  10. Whhheeeeeeeeeee! That is just too darn cute! I'd love to be the happy gal to get that little package in the mail. Please enter me.... :-)


  11. Oh my goodness! LOVE VINTAGE!!!
    My teen girls are addicted to vintage!
    This would be a sweet treasure at my house.
    Great taste!

    Love your sweet blog too!

  12. Comment (obviously)

    Love the case - absolutely gorgeous.x

  13. Loverly!! I became a follower too ♥

    Thanks for hosting this sweet give away ♥

    Hugs from Marian

  14. Love your giveaway AND your blog:D
    I am now a "follower"!

  15. That is a really cute case! I could put some tatting supplies in there! :)

  16. Loralynn
    facebook follower

    What a beautiful case! I am looking forward to spending more time here at your blog!

  17. This is so cute! Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. That is really cute!!
    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  19. This is so adorable! Thank you for giving us a chance to win this lovely box. I found you through Tales from an O.C Cottage. Following you now too!

  20. Hello,
    Please sign me up for six chances:
    1. comment
    2. follower
    3. tweeting your giveaway
    4. blogging about this giveaway
    5. following on facebook
    6. following on bloglovin

    I am new to blogging. I Love your cute blog too!!

  21. I am so glad I foudn you thru Tales from an OC Cottage!!! Great blog - I am now a follower - I love that little blue treasure!!!

  22. I just jumped over from Tales from an OC Cottage and love your blog! I am now a follower and would be thrilled to win your adorable giveaway. In fact I have the perfect treasure to store inside should I be the lucky one chosen.

  23. I came over from Blog Dex Giveaways and will also put you on my blog. What a beautiful case!
    Lucky the person who wins this one.

    Mystica from Sri Lanka

  24. I love your blog....Please enter me for the drawing 3 times--For the comment, I became a follower, and I'm putting it on my blog. TIA The case is so cute, I love it and hope that I win it!

  25. What a sweet blog you have...i am now a follower and so happy to have found you...i am off to read some more of your past posts and find out a little more about you!!! What a sweet giveaway you have....will be back for sure!

  26. This looks wonderful! Great giveaway!

    Posted on Twitter and follow on bloglovin!

    Thanks - Christine

  27. What an adorable prize! If I win I'm going to give it to my mom for her birthday...her name is all over it! I enjoy your blog!

  28. I hope that I'm not too late to enter! If I get a chance to blog about this today, I will come back and let you know. In the meantime...I love Lawrence. Aaahhhh.

  29. Thanks for the giveaway. Love your blog!


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