Friday, August 7, 2009

"feel good."

that's what my nephew continually told me today. He came into my room dropping off odds & ends of "gifts" he had found for me, in hopes of me feeling "not sick" with each visit. he even drew me the precious masterpiece below.
{that's an impressive heart for a 5 year old if i do say so myself!}
it made me smile, & then he made me laugh.
which in turn made me swallow making me feel as though razor blades were taking turns going down my throat like a slide.

this strep throat stuff is no fun. no fun at all.
& whats worst of all is that i have been absent from the blogosphere, missing it terribly.

i even drifted off to sleep last night with thoughts of what i've been missing tumbling around in my head...


p.s. the giveaway ends tomorrow!! best of luck!!!
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  1. He's so sweet!!!!

    Please feel better soon, I miss you!

  2. ahhhh....wishing that you feel better really soon...what a sweet little fellow...i adore the drawing! xoxo


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