Tuesday, August 25, 2009

7 traits.

{via: flickr.}

the wonderful Cat passed on a splendid award & task to me... i am so flattered!
thank you, darling!
The Premium Meme Award

{For this, I have to list seven traits about myself and then pass the award onto seven other bloggers who deserve recognition for the personality they share through their blog.}

1. i am a very sensitive person.
2. i procrastinate. almost always.
3. i am very silly & hardly ever shy.
4. my expectations are often unrealistic.
5. i am impatient. very.
6. i am a huge worrier.
7. i am a dreamer.

so here are some lovelies i wish to pass this award to:

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  1. Aww! thank you for the award! xxxx

  2. Anna, your list is so sweet!!! :) You are a beatiful person.

  3. Nice! Just found your blog!

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  4. Great shares! Have to tell you I envy you on #3... I'm completely shy :^(

    But #4 is very much me also!♥

    (The ring with the typewriter photo is beautiful!)

  5. Anna, thank you! I am truly flattered. I love reading your blog, and I'm so delighted that you read mine as well.

    ~ Jen

  6. Oh, I see my name! thank you ^_^
    I'm thinking up my answers right now!

  7. I share many of the same traits, except for the 'hardly ever shy' one :)


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