Saturday, July 25, 2009

the pair that got away...

tonight my friend katherine & i had a lovely dinner downtown on mass street.
after grubbing we decided to peek into the Gap.
i knew it was a bad idea
... i fell in love with everything they had
had to
resist buying any ounce of the cuteness.
that's right, i left empty handed & heartbroken.
i was so close to caving & purchasing
those yellow gems with the big happy bow
... sigh...
but, instead: i daydreamed & created the perfect outfit that they would've gone great with...

at least i fought the urge, right?...
i guess that's the good thing about the story.

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  1. hahaha, I know that feeling girl. Love that shoes!!!
    Mika (

  2.'s a gorgeous shoes...Don't be sad about not having them...When it's hard to resist for something, I always imagine how it would look like when it's used and dirty, LOL...believe me it's working.

    I think making Ployvore collage is also a great healing program...:-)

    Hope you have a lovely Sunday dear Anna, much love: Evi


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