Tuesday, July 14, 2009

{beautiful pink roses} from heaven.

My grandma and grandpa allen were always spoiling us.
From birthday outings to Applebee's or Zio's, to pool toys which almost filled up the entire pool.
however, i don't suppose "spoiled" is the best word for it...
we were blessed with their unconditional love.

But it wasn't the merely the gifts we were happy about,
we were happy to know that our grandma loved us
so much that even amongst eleven grandchildren, she would somehow manage to remember our plays, sporting events, concerts, along with any awards ceremonies; be it "best handwriting" in elementary school, or being inducted to the "national honor society". {And to think she didn't even have a palm pilot to keep all this straight!}
We knew how much she & my grandpa love us, unconditionally.
and most importantly was us learning & witnessing what love really means.
{graduation roses from gma & gpa allen, 2007.}
I remember my grandma & grandpa bringing me the beautiful roses above when i graduated from high school,
& i remember hugging my grandma & her simply telling me how much she loved me.
so this past sunday as i sat at my nieces birthday party, i saw the beautiful pink roses my sister had on her kitchen table...seeing them took me back to hugging my grandma that day she gave me much similiar beautiful pink roses...
at that moment i felt my grandma's love in my heart, and i smiled.
{july 2009.}
everytime i see a beautiful pink rose,
i know its {a sign from my grandma}.
telling me of {her love}.
While i tell her how much i love her.
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  1. I miss my grandpa, my best friend..

  2. I was clicking around on SITS roll call and clicked on you because your pic was adorable. And then I see your profile reads "Lawrence" and I'm like...it can't be...and it was. KU. :) I was even more excited. Jayhawk grad here (living on the other side of the enemy border, but it's temporary, don't fret). And then I read your first post. The roses. The sweetness. It's touching. Thanks for sharing.


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