Friday, June 12, 2009

twenty + one.

Last night i went on an adventure to the Plaza in Kansas City in honor of my cousin/best friend Julie's twenty-first birthday!! & upon arriving, although a good 24min. late due to some unexpected direction glitches...
i sat down next to Julie at a huge table of all her friends. BUT then the dumbest thing happened.
The waiter approaches me & asks for my id. I explain to him that i am not, in fact, twenty-one, just shy by a year... but i was not going to drink. He then explains that i have to sit at a different table because they were serving alcohol at Julie's table. {Don't get me wrong--i understand they must do what the have to do...} BUT, it was 5pm. in a BAR & GRILL. Julie asked to speak with the manager & told him that she was never told of such a policy when having made the reservations... after the manager explained his {illogical} point, of "well some people will say they won't then they end up drinking from others..." I didn't mind sitting at the table 2 feet away from the main one, because we were in a private section; Plus Julie's sister, my good friend Jenny, and her hubby sat with me. I was not in the least bit mad about it, {although a bit offended that they admitted to not "trusting their customers"} i understand rules are rules but there one thing that made me completely befuddled:
-- When the waiter did bring the tray of alcohol he placed it at my seat, directly in front of me, {like where you put your plate!!}... & proceeded to take about 5 minutes to pass it out-- i gestured to Julie that i could have slammed down at least four of those shots in the minutes which he was diddling around.... fools.
Julie visited our table occasionally... i mean it was only 2 feet away.... : )
it was fun nevertheless--they can never take our fun away dammit.
{Happy Birthday Julie!}

{i really want to drop the name of the restaurant but is that taboo blog-o-sphere?}
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  1. wow, i have worked in 3 different restaurants and ive NEVER heard of anything like that. haha, i wanna know which one it was!


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