Monday, June 8, 2009

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Last week I had an amazing opportunity to interview Ms. Holley Johnson from via the telephone! Although I was nervous seeing as how I have never done such a cool thing-- she was absolutely fabulous & I learned a lot about this awesome website!! enjoy--

Ms. Holley Johnson is a registered dietitian and has worked as a food editor at magazine's such as Cooking Light, Southern Living and about a year ago embarked on developing!! She had some amazing tips for everything food related-- features over 35,000 kitchen tested recipes and also a plethora of informative articles ranging from health to kitchen tips! All that knowledge at your fingertips for free!
Ms. Johnson even noted that along with the recipes and cooking tips they feature suggestions on entertaining and even on various drinks!

Naturally, seeing as how I, myself, am a poor college student and Pita Pit just doesn't cut it every night... I asked her what she suggests to get started in the kitchen, and her response was brilliant, "Find out what you like!" She even goes on to explain's "enhance search" capabilities! {woot!} Get this-- They also have a collection of "How-To" videos--quick explainations and demonstrations from those terms some of us may not be familiar with such as "the difference between whip and stir"{yeah, I didn't know. Don't judge. ; ) } --to more complicated terms that I can't even pronounce yet alone spell!! They even have a tab for "Quick & Easy" meals! Brilliant!!

I would have to say my favorite aspect of the site is the articles ranging from the best ways to store leftovers to how to create restaraunt favorites! And check out this genuis dinner timer "Dinner Countdown" outlining how much time you have to cook and generating specific recipes!!

Every recipe featured on the site has been "test kitchen approved" meaning it had to recieve a passing score by professional chefs before being published on the site. {They have your back, they keep their reader's in mind throughout their whole process!}
Bonus: they feature all the nutritional facts and tips on specific methods to use when preparing the meal yourself!

Perhaps you are like me and feel as if groceries are too expensive and the McDonald's dollar menu is more in your range listen up... I was surprised and elated when Ms. Johnson gave me some fabulous tips on stretching my dollar...
  • Buy whole food rather than pre-packaged. {ie: a pineapple vs. pineapple slices.}
  • milk is about $.25 a glass, which pails in comparisson to just buying pop; While also receiving a plethora of nutrients.
  • Remember to get a "bang for your buck."
  • Buy in bulk. Make your own bags of chips for your lunches by seperating and bagging on your own. You end up with approx. 25 packs vs. the mere 10 for the same price at the store.
So true, yet I have never actually thought about it!
That is just a little taste of what is all about... find out so much more such as
sexy bikini body diets, steaks under 250 calories, and overall health along with anything you could dream of! Just search keywords and your bound to find pearls of wisdom!
Trust me. I am not a cook, but I'm getting ready to get my apron on!

so here are their links for you to bookmark!
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  1. Sounds exciting! When I was studying journalism in college I got to do phone interviews with a couple really cool people and I was SOO nervous, lol

  2. Thanks for the tip! I love the tips on stretching your dollar, I'm definitely a bulk shopper.


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