Saturday, June 27, 2009

One day, i'll fly away.

this summer has been very mellow--really; i have no summer school, no job, & no money. this has left ample time for me to explore the blog-o-sphere & read a plethora of {beautiful stories} & {swoon} over photos from all over the world.
--While most may regard this as a "fabulous way to spend time", i find myself getting down about my own adventures. don't get me wrong, i have encountered my fair share of fun adventures here in Kansas, & i {cherish} them immensely.
However, i long to go out & {explore} beyond these coordinates.
i've always been longing to return to Europe, & i have always planned to after school. but recently i have been {yearning} to even more so...
i am going to save & save & save my money, once i start getting some. {minor detail...} & i am going to plan a trip there perhaps over winter break. but really, i want to look into this amazing program i have really been wanting to do for a long while now.

so darlings, please think {good thoughts} for me-- & i shall do the same for you.

..because i believe we all deserve to be {truly happy}.

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  1. I'm totally sending all my positive vibes your way. :)


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