Sunday, June 21, 2009

{My Dad.}

[father's day circa 1995(?)]
is the smartest person i know. instilled in me the appreciation for the sciences & the gift of knowledge. (he read the encyclopedia growing up... for fun.) is a mix of genius scientist, st.francis, comedian, nintendo 64 enthusiast, walking book of knowledge, trickster, supporter, encourager, & best of all--
an amazing dad.
...i have memory upon memory of spending time with him which i will cherish my entire life & hopefully recount on paper to pass down to my family how cool my pops was.
i would take visiting his office on campus in between classes, going on a walk or a hunt for great bbq place, looking at the stars & asking question upon question about anything from God to whales... anyday of the week with my dad. he is simply incredible.

i love you pops.
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