Friday, May 8, 2009

tales from aunt-hood...

my niece carolyn last night at st.lawrence's luau, talking to my friend jimmy. {isn't she too cute!}
...she is "a lot like her aunt anna" in regards to her outgoing-ness... according to some of my friends. woot!

oh & today my 5 year old nephew nathan informed me of the following:

"Anna, did you know that even if a boy was invisible and he hid--a girl could find him cause girls can smell fear!"

i could not be anymore serious. he told me this over lunch in a very serious tone. ha!

oh how i do love being an aunt!
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1 comment:

  1. Anna,
    I LOVE the Nathan comment! So funny! (Bet Gramma taught him that piece of info!) Don't you wish they were all as smart as Nathan????

    Love you guys...
    Mrs. Mitchell


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