Sunday, May 24, 2009

Love for Eternity.

this weekend i visited my grandma allen's grave for the first time since the funeral. it was very hard, but oddly, quite {peaceful} & {consoling}.& as i stood surrounded by graves of many other people's loved ones, it made me wonder how strong the world is, and where that strength comes from...
then it dawned on me; Love.
Love helps us continue on, knowing that love is for eternity.
thats a lot of love.
as my heart panged with sadness & overwhelming emotions while standing at my gma allen's grave, i felt a comforting sense surround me... & i recited a poem i once read:
i think my gma allen reminded me of it & i know she was right there, as she always is.
in my heart. i love you grandma.

I hope your Memorial Day is just as beautiful as my visit to my gma allen was.

"In our hearts there is a promise that says death can never win. And a hope that will sustain us until we meet again."
-engraving on my gma's grave.
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  1. I wandered here via the next blog button, I am glad for the peace and love you experienced...

    It's been over 7 years and I still haven't been able to visit my grandfather's grave. Perhaps I should go ahead and remember him. Thanks for your post!


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