Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just dance. Gonna be okay. Da-doo-doo-doo...

"Just Dance" by lady gaga is one of my cousin Geoff's favorite songs.
i kid you not.
as a matter of fact...
a few weeks ago, while i was chatting with him on the phone i mentioned it was on the radio. two seconds within telling him which station, i heard it blaring in the background, along with hearing him sing, loudly, into the receiver.

& this my loves, is why he is one of my best friends.

he goes to school in KC, and i sit here in lawrence.
i miss him, a lot. everytime something funny happens, i want to call him immediately and tell him so i can hear him laugh. everytime i'm sad i know he'll be there to patiently listen and offer a comforting "i'm sorry that happened, anna" which always helps my heart feel better. everytime something reminds me of being a kid, i am flooded with wonderful memories we share, and everytime my heart pangs with bittersweet emotions.

finally, after a month too long apart, we are hanging out this week & getting dinner. & my befuddled heart couldn't be anymore relieved.
i need an old friend's hug to comfort my worried mind.

so excited!
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