Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Heaven on Earth...

{Jon, Geoff, Gma Allen & me, summer 1994?.}
Dearest Gma Allen-
tomorrow is the first day of April, & i can barely keep up with the seasons as it is. its as if time has stood still since you first left us that somber november day. you are always in my heart & i love having you with me all of the time. however, it is still hard for me to understand your sudden departure.

As you are in heaven, enjoying the choir of angels & being in awe of the glory of God, we continue to struggle in our lives without you.
You see, gma, you were so much apart of our lives, that not a moment goes by without even the smallest of memories coming to our minds. you taught us to live,-- from hours upon hours of jumping on your trampoline, to your famous frozen fruit cups on a warm afternoon-- you are always in our hearts.

i'm afraid the upcoming summer might be the hardest part of all--while our realizations of your departure will be solidified, our summer days, much like our hearts, will never be the same.

but as we are kissed each day by the summer sun, we will surely remember the kisses which you showered upon us constantly.
i have faith though, that with the warm winds i will feel & the beautiful flowers i will admire each day this summer will remind me of the glorious place to which you have been called home

but the loving memories you gave us down here, they are a lot like the heaven i imagine.

i love you so much,
your Anna Banana
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  1. What a sweet letter to your Grandma :)

    My grandma passed away in early March so I can totally relate.

  2. That was very sweet & a little tough to read(I still have a lump in my throat)....she reminds me so much of my Grandmother(Mammo).

    Grandma's are the best~ that's for sure :)


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