Monday, March 30, 2009

the {good old days}.

My oldest nephew nathan decided to spend the night with me this weekend. i love that he calls & invites himself over. his persistence reminds me of when i was a child & seeing this makes me smile. we drew pictures, we ate pizza, we discussed life, upon which he asked me in the sweetest most serious of voices...
"anna, can i sleep in your bed tonight with you like the {good old days} when i was three?"

upon hearing this simple request my heart was flooded with emotion.
-first of the sweet moments of "aunt-hood", then of the speed at which time passes. my heart began to pang with sadness of the minutes elapsed & of memories gone & passed since welcoming the first of 5 babies-- whom would each steal my heart.
but i was quickly brought back to the present & reminded myself that each day brought new adventures
& many {good old days} are yet to be had.

the pangs of my heart grew softer as i drifted off to sleep in a state of nostalgia,
dreaming of the {good old days}.
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