Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Sister to sister we will always be--

a couple of nuts off the family tree." -unknown.
[emily, myself, katie, 2009.]
Today both of my Sisters are very happy.
& seeing them so happy--makes me happy.

Emily's husband Chris is coming home from a year in Iraq today!
--i am so happy for them. & admire their courage immensely.
[emily, 2009]
{ok, i had to post that. there needed to be a touch of sisterly-compiled influence on here somewhere.}

Katie was featured on designmom today!
-- i am so happy that she is finally realizing how clever she is & how flippin' amazing her design skills are.
[katie, 2001]
{and again, i had to. its a little sister's duty to embarrass her older ones.}

we are a {blessed} bunch of nuts.
i love my sisters. [and my brother of course, but this is a post about sisters after all.]
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