Sunday, March 22, 2009

1. [facebooking]:

verb - to waste time by browsing
according to

{via: overflowing.}
beloved blog-
i have to confess something to you. i've been visiting another site as much as i visit you. i know, i know, how rude of me. but blog, you have to understand that this other site means nothing to me. well it means something, but not as much as you mean to me, dearest blog. i even mention you to it in my "about me" section! blog, i know, i know, how could i possibly have time for you & another site with all the homework i've been having lately?. .. don't worry about it blog, as long as my priorities are askew, you will remain number 1. blog, i want to introduce you to my other past time, the one which inspires me to visit you & compile: my fair Facebook.
i decided to admit my facebook enthusiasm after i read this oh-so- {relate-able} &
{insightful} article in Real Simple.... {for facebookers & non-facebookers alike!}

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