Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just a moment while i climb up onto my Soapbox...

{i have a ridiculous sinus infection right now which feels as though i have molasses in my sinus passageways, so i'll give you a synopsis of whats irking me lately...}

1. i started wearing glasses when i was three years old...
(see photo below)
and have gone through approximately 8 pairs...
multiply that number by 2,000 & you will get the number of times i've been asked/told:
a) "have you ever tried contacts?"
b) "why don't you try contacts?"
c) "you should
so get contacts."
d) "let me see what you look like
without your glasses! look so good WITHOUT your glasses! don't wear them tonight!
& every time i've responded with:
a) no, & i do not want to... i feel naked without them & you are a lying piece of crap i look like a freak without my glasses, & i'm not fishing for a compliment.--i honestly look like a weirdo without i like to be able to see. i'm a little befuddled by the recent surge in popularity of the spectacles.
don't get
me wrong, i love that people are jumping on this sight-impaired bandwagon, but i do not get why people do this
(glasses frames, NO LENSES.)
(see photo below)

i'm so confused. i understand that some people only wear their glasses when they "just were too tired" in the morning to put in their contacts, or they "only need them 10% of time", (ie. when they are not in public.) but really, i don't like this whole "its cool to be a nerd" thing. OF COURSE its cool to be a nerd, always has been in my book. But here's a word of advice, at least buy frames from Claire's or something, at least they have fake lenses included.


p.s. being a nerd isn't something you become, its something you are blessed with.
p.p.s. i really really really want thicker frames like the ones in the photo above. they are darling...with lenses.

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  1. confession: I've never needed glasses, but I wanted them so bad, I DID buy the ones from claire's (with frames) :-)

    and yes it is cool to be a nerd.


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