Thursday, February 5, 2009

A glimpse into {My Heart.}

this is a piece i wrote for an application i submitted today.
its from my heart, & i want to give you all a glimpse through this...

One is never quite sure where his path in life will take him. However, one can attempt to make his path as he goes, merely by following his heart. While I have always learned that following your heart was essential in experiencing a happy life, I still believe this expression to be significantly true.

I have always known I wanted to study German. As a child, I would often checkout “How to Learn German” tape cassettes from the public library on my weekly trips with my dad. However, I did not really expect to aspire to a career which would involve applying my curiosity and love for the German language. But the tides changed, and as I sat in my first School of Ed course my freshman year here at KU, I realized my heart wasn’t in teaching. No matter how much I thought it was, or how many people were encouraging me to get a “stable job” in the public school systems. One day in lecture I sat reminiscing about my dreams jobs I had as a child. The dreams I had thrown away from hearing how “unlikely” and “risky” they were. Right then and there, in the middle of my Curriculum and Teaching Lecture, my heart told me to do what I loved, not what was merely convenient. Reigniting a flame of passion for the things I had always loved.

The second semester of my freshman year I changed my major to Pre-Journalism, with a minor in German. My heart prevailed and I fell in love with my major/minor courses. I decided I want to work in the world of sports broadcasting, as I had most of my childhood. I also realized the opportunities available in the career field of International Sports. Having come to these conclusions, my dreams have evolved into possibilities, which lurk at my very fingertips.

I aspire to eventually work for the Euroleague, or even perhaps the Basketball Bundesliga. I know that there are many detours along my own career path making me want to experience all that I can in the world of Journalism, trying a bit of everything I am introduced to. In these experiences, I hope to only grow stronger in my German language abilities and gain knowledge in the field of journalism. The opportunity to combine the two actively as an undergrad is absolutely wonderful, something I would love to do now, and for the rest of my life.

My heart leads my path, and the love I have for what it leads me to is immense; A career in Journalism & German.

xo loves.
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  1. very nice, Anna! Did you apply for the summer/fall semester?? I hope so! You will go far in life, don't you fret. I have faith in you! :)
    love you girl!


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