Sunday, January 18, 2009

{I'm gonna spread my wings & fly around the world.}

hello lovely readers, where ever you may be.
Lately, i have been longing to get out of this town for a while, maybe venture someplace new. Some place i've never been, never imagined i'd explore. well, you see, i have a newly evoked desire to visit Ireland. I've always heard tales of its exquisite beauty, but i'm usually not one for traveling across the globe to look at a landscape, usually i expect elaborate buildings, or an amusement park of some sort, in order to pack my bags and head for an adventure. But recently, i've become so intrigued by landscapes, nature, & all the beautiful things apart of God's creation which i've always taken for granted.
As i sit in class, watching the teacher standing in front of the chalk board, speaking behind a podium, i become restless. Most of my classes lack windows, our only outside source of life being a projector's image on a screen. {by the way, watching a professor set up any sort of technological device is like watching a hippopotomaus try to hula hoop. i kid you not...} sometimes, as my teacher's mundane points are lost in my train of thought, i dream of traveling around the world. walking on the beautiful paths along the ocean in Greece, window shopping in Paris, riding double decker buses in England, eating Gelato in Italy, going to Mass in Vatican City, biking past castles in Germany, picnicking in Maine... oh how my thoughts do travel. so this year, as attempt to save some money from each paycheck, i hope to plan an adventure to ignite a flame in my heart reminding me that dreams are attainable. you just have to be insistent on them. never take no for an answer.
{this week, in my first day of classes, one professor proceeded to ask us watch we projected the chances to be to obtain a job in our desired area. I was shocked to hear most respond with small percentaged responses. When i had to announce my expectations, i simple stated
"100%" afterall, whoever lowers their expectations will also be settling on their standards. why would i be chasing a dream i figured i could never achieve, whats the point?
People will tell you things are impossible, but nothing truly is until you tell yourself it is.}
let's plan a dream which has many beautiful rest stops along the way...
perhaps, Ireland.
{would you like to come, or is it simply too, impossible?}

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  1. oh my gosh I would LOVE to go back to Ireland!!! The place of my people :) hehe it really is beautiful darling, you would love it. Although it does rain pretty much everday, but hey, that just adds to its emerald mystique!


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