Saturday, January 24, 2009

i'm {Back}. <-clever pun, just wait...

as you can see, i have conquered html/css language. actually, after 4 hours of trial & error...error, error, error, i managed to arrange my blog to my liking, well as much as i am gonna like it for now. html/css will not get an ounce more of my time for at least a month. grrr.

Well, since i've been away, many things have transpired...

1. a few weeks ago i was struggling to take a deep breath without having an obnoxious, sharp shooting pain race through my body. after i began feeling intense chest pain, i decided perhaps i should let a doctor take a gander...
after my initial appt. with my doctor i learned...
1. the heart does not have nerves which produce the feeling i was describing, it was more my chest wall. {touche, sir doctor, touche.}
2. my left shoulder blade is 2 inches up too high, and 2 inches from where it should be located.
3. the left side of my back was essentially twisting and affecting my essential organs...
{great news, i'm sure you would agree.}
4. i would need to see a physical therapist ASAP.

so having recieved such news, i decided i should probably follow up with a PT in order to, you know, breath. So last friday, i ventured to my PT evaluation. My PT is soo ridiculously nice and she shared a lot of the same interests as me, television, television, and oh yea, facebook too. well its a good thing we hit it off so well considering i will be seeing her 3 times a week, for 6 more weeks. yes. i kid you not. my left side of my back is using practically none of its muscles, so they have to fix that, for a while.
the first day of PT was amazing, they did an ultrasound on my back for about 15min. {and no its not the type of ultrasound we are familiar with, i asked}... I simply explained that they would not find a baby in my shoulder blade, or anywhere on my body in general. after my PT got done laughing at my statement, she explained that it sends sound waves in my muscles which deepen the massage and loosen up the muscles, which were on vacation the past zillion years, seeing as how they did NOTHING for my back that they were supposed too... anywho. after ultrasound, which i start out with every visit, she massages and rubs out my back. it feels pretty amazing in the moment, which keeps me feeling good through all my stretches which i do after each massage. well, the stretches don't feel too bad in the moment, HOWEVER, after PT, about 2 hours after i get home, i start to feel the stretches, and how well i stretched them. YYYY-OUCH!! but its worth it, because i won't be 30 years old with a hunchback... and i get to go back 2 more times each week and get the ultrasound/massage all over again! woop! woop! but yes, i'm on track to breathing effectively again, and discovering how to "stand up straight"!

p.s. to all you family members {mom} cough, cough who continually yelled at me to stand up DID hurt when i tried to stand up straight because i was crippled!!!!

well my dears, i'm going to take a lovely afternoon nap. i'll catch you up on much more later!!
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  1. ahhh Anna we are both crooked!!! One of my shoulder blades is higher and slightly more forward than the other. AND one of my legs is a tiny bit longer than the other, causing my knees to SUCK. we live a tough life :( I went to PT for my knee & got ultra sounds too! I thought they felt really cool haha maybe I should consider going for my back! Poor me and my scoli, ouch! I have just accepted that my back is going to be killing me for life! so sad :( Hope yours gets better!


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