Saturday, January 31, 2009


A {Thank You} for my {Mom} for all that she does:
For being a {great mom}, and {everything she does for our family}.
She is {an amazing grandma}, not to mention a {great roommate}!
She never fails to {crack me up} with {her random sayings}, {political updates}, and the way she talks to the tv as if it can hear her & how competitive she gets in games.
She is such a {beautiful person inside and out}. i wish everyone in the world had an opportunity to hang out with her, she can {brighten your day}. i {love} how she {"gets" me} and shares in my struggle, always offering {a hand to hold} along this unpredictable road of life. i {love} how people say we look alike, and i {love} how much she admires, adores, {loves my dad}, and how i get to see {true love} when i see {them together}.
but most of all, {i love having her for a mom}.
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