Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ballin' bloggin'... heck yes i came up with that on my own. jealous?

i have a new addiction to the wonderful world of blogging. after exploring the sea of celebrity blogs, i searched for athletes blogs & found a plethora of fascinating sites. my favorite, by far, former Cal Basketball player, now D-league, NBA hopeful Rod Benson. his blog was named #1 blog on's "top five athletes" daily list scorecard.

picture from Slam magazine...
I knew it was going to be good when i read under the heading of the site
"Everybody has a story, mine just happens to be ridiculous." I'm pretty convinced he and I were meant for each other. haha. we both seem to have some crazy lives!
this is one of my favorites entries...

but really, you should check it out. its pretty funny.
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

25% less sugar update.

the reason the strawberry flavored cs tasted was because i guess it was the diet version of cs. the 25% less sugar drink. ewwwww. i made this realization today when i broke into my wild cherry cs stockage. it, too, tasted horrendous. after investigating the box, i realized cs's are not always 25% sugarless. who told me they made a healthier version? had they, i would have been more careful when picking out my boxes at the store. so watch out people. 25% less sugar does NOT taste the same. if your down for healthier, less tasty thirst quenchers, then more power to ya. however, i am sticking to the original CS!
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25% less sugar.

i have a capri sun addiction. i hadn't had one for at least 7 years until a glorious day over spring break. i quickly returned to the dorms with a full stock of cs (thats short for "capri sun" ;) ) and i ripped open the first box anticipating a refreshing, delicious thirst quencher, but instead i felt as though i had just drank a cup of strawberry toothpaste backwash. HEINOUS. absolutely heinous. luckily i was had a box of strawberry kiwi and wild cherry that i knew would hit the spot. so now, i have a pile of strawberry cs's in my refrigerator... if you care to try it, i can hook you up.
quick quirk-
as i was searching for the above posted picture, i stumbled upon this "lunchbox idea":

1. who the hell does that.
2. who the hell is willing to spend time putting their food puzzle together. i don't have the self control. i was the kid in class that ate the m&m's passed out for "math examples" before the teacher was even done passing them out to the rest of the class!
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"The glass isn't half full, it isn't half empty, its just twice as big as it needs to be." -free for all

all i can say is thank goodness its wednesday. this week feels like it is taken a ridiculously long time. tests, papers, and a 15 minute presentation in german have taken up all my time. luckily, i have a moment to breathe, and get my thoughts in order. or attempt to at least.
the rain is STILL pouring. it started during my German Literature exam today at 3 and has yet to cease. after my exam, my essay style exam, side note:(i get way to into writing on such tests that i often forget my point by the end... :/... ), i ventured to the bus stop, waited, the bus pulled up, barely stopped, open and shut the door in one action, and sped off. i sprinted, yelled, stopped, proceeded to wait for the next bus, in the POURING rain. i realize then, that the kids waiting across the street for the bus inside Bailey Hall have witnessed my whole ordeal, and i then feel like an even BIGGER dumbass and try position myself under the tree the best i can to prevent a complete drenching. when i finally arrived back at the good 'ole dorms i got onto the free for all in hopes of not finding a comment about my lameness. i was relieved when i didn't find anything. But i did come across some funny comments that gave me a well needed laugh. here are a few...

"There was an asian on campus today that would randomly stop to break out some dance moves, then stop to pick up his bag and continued walking..."
then this appeared above it:
"Only an asian...only an asian."

"I'm naming my first born Mario Arthur Rush McLovin"

then two people have been messaging about "meeting up for a pre-finals makeout" and this is a portion of their messages.
boy-"To the pre-finals make-out girl: How does on Stop Day at Anschutz Library sound?"
boy-"How does 5PM on stop day sound. I'll wear an orange shirt. Meet me in the commons"
pre-finals make-out girl-"That sounds perfect. I'll wear a purple shirt!"
random kid interrupting-"is this really going on.. I will be wearing a green shirt and taking a pictures to post on facebook to laugh at the two losers who met on the free for all wall."

hahahahahaha. weirdest thing ever, but entertaining. i have to admit.

minus the fact i was just informed that i don't have a job after schools out and i have no money in the bank, this week is going to be ok.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You know it feels so good, like it should, just to laugh...

i find that humor is sometimes the one thing that can get me through a day.
i've decided to try my best to note funny things i see, hear, etc. & hopefully compile a collection of things that make me laugh. & hopefully, make you laugh too... :)
here are some of my favorite videos at the moment.
one more reason why i love dave chappelle.
this is hilarious. seriously. i watch it before school everyday.
"mr.w" by the clever germans.
this is a german PSA about supporting wind energy. again, very funny. very clever.
enjoy. :)
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

"And I'm addicted to the joy that the little things bring,,,"

today is a new day.
a new day, which i have also declared: a new beginning.
recently its been little things in life which have caught my attention & remained in the shadows of my thoughts. & its these little things in life i have discovered that make each day a little more bearable.
one thing i have continually had the urge to do is write. not a book,poems or anything in particular. just write. write about my life, feelings or anything which i find to be worthwhile to write. i love to read what other people write. and i have more than enough to write about, so why not...
rock chalk, jayhawk...

last monday, april 7, to be exact, KU won the NCAA 2008 Men's Basketball CHAMPIONSHIP.
the happiness which resulted after their 40 min duel against Memphis is not even possible to describe. you could feel it, along with hear it, through all the cheers laughter, running, and hugging. i don't know why, but tears began escaping, and sliding down my cheeks when the buzzer erupted after the final second on the clock disappeared. i had tears after the 2003 championship game, when we lost to syracuse. its easy to conclude the reason for those tears, but this time it was different. i know i didn't contribute anything to the game itself, but i saw something happen that i could have never imagined. we had won the NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP. along with the obvious emotions of jubilation, it dawned on me that our team was done. atleast 5 of our players won't be here anymore & most likely 2 will also depart. it was a great way to end, but it... ended.
i love the game. i only played for 4 years, & i was only 9-12, but i have experienced basketball for a greater part of my life. i don't remember a time in my life when i didn't know what basketball was,yet alone, who the ku jayhawks basketball team was. I remember watching SportsCenter every morning with Jon & Geoff before school, getting off the school bus and running to play 21 after school, & going to the Holiday Basketball Clinic, & multiple treks to LATE NIGHT. basketball has always been there. ... ku basketball is not just a tradition, its a family. and this being my first basketball season as a ku student, i was in some way, inducted. its about more than the game, its a way of life. i won't only remember the scores of the games from this season, i will remember the hours upon hours i spent camping out for seats, the quirky comments written in the free for all about darrell arthur's daily parking tickets, the 2 hours before gametime we would sit and watch the walk-ons warm up, how the band would start warming up exactly 47 minutes before the game started, tearing up newspaper for confetti, (sneaking in more than the "two sections" of the newspaper alloted,) but above all, i will remember the chills i got, everytime Allen fieldhouse exploded when the players were announced and the rock chalk chant echoed. the warmth i felt before the game, while i swayed back & forth singing the alma mater, can never be created anywhere else...the energy felt on Mass Street the night of the championship quickly reminded me of the present & my tears of happiness/sadness disappeared & the celebration proceeded. it was a night i will honestly never forget.

so heres to some of my favorite parts of the season...

-sitting in the student section for the first time, as a student.

-game nights with susan.

-my sign for darnell, which was well received. mario pointed and smiled and showed darnell!

-kansas basketball history night

-senior night.

-max and i's dedication. & camping out.

-geoff coming out to watch the NCAA FINAL 4 game vs. North Carolina with me at Max's

-the championship game & Mass Street celebration.

-the homecoming.

so that is just a glimpse of the memories ill forever have from this season. & ill have even more after tomorrow's parade.
check these out from the 1988 parade celebrating the championship team.

calling it a night, i am excited for the new days ahead. for it can only get better.
get ready for new updates (hopefully daily)...

&i love my jayhawk family.
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