Monday, December 29, 2008

A special day for two.

Today, after i woke up, i called my sister Emily's house looking for my nephew Nathan. You see today is a big day in the life of Nathan. So, with all the little reminders he's given me the past few days...months, i knew it was important that i ring him up first thing...before i got distracted with boring adult things. ANYWHO, here is how it went:
{"Hi Nathan, its Anna, how are you?"
"Really? How old are you? Three or Four? I forgot!"
"FIVE! I'm FIVE!!" [in a weird, choked up voice]
"Nathan, what is wrong?? Are you crying???"
[Me & Nathan; December 2008]
& that is one more reason i LOVE being an aunt.
Happy Birthday Nathan!

Which brings me to why today is such a {special} day.
five years ago today...
i was officially initiated into
& i couldn't love it more.
its been a marvelous time thus far, and i can't wait for what lies ahead...
it brings a {plethora} of wonderful moments, which i treasure oh so very much.
[its hard to believe five years ago i was only an aunt of one... now to think i'm an aunt of five! so much joy. so much love.]
[Aunt Anna & Julia; Christmas Eve 2008]

Interesting that i came across this book yesterday at Barnes & Noble...
...funny how life is like that.
{it is absolutely adorable & i was quite delighted to see a book on Aunts... i will save it a spot on my wish list.}

So cheers to being Five! & cheers to being an Aunt of Five!

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