Monday, December 1, 2008

missing you

dearest Gma,
We had a lovely Thanksgiving break, though we missed you terribly. I know you were right there with us, though it sometimes feels as if our hearts are panging louder each moment with its sorrow of having lost you. I hope you are doing well, & are surrounded every minute with the eternal grace and love God has lovingly prepared for us. I have yet to fully accept the fact you will not be here this Christmas. It will be exceptionally bittersweet, while it will be filled with the joys of the little one's & their ever-evolving personalities, however, i would give anything to be able to sit with you at your kitchen table, munching on gardettos, drinking fresca & playing cards with the warmth of our families love & joy surrounding us. While we both manage to cope with our newly changed lives, always remember that i love you more than words could ever attempt to say... & know that i am with you always, as you are with me.
Love always,
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  1. this is certainly a bittersweet time for us both, but it has brought us together again :) you know I understand exactly what you're going through & I'm here for you Anna my dear!


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