Friday, September 12, 2008

Time has passed and still there is an ache.

Remember September 11th, 2001.

The horrors which took place on September 11, 2001 will forever be burned into my memory.
From where I was to what I was wearing when i found out, I will never forget a single detail of that sorrowful day-
Although I was only 12 years old, every moment of that day feels as though it had only occured a few days ago. I recall scurring late into school, and shuffling my belongings into my locker. Seeing as how our bus was late, everyone was settling into their classrooms, leaving me alone at my locker. Something wasn't right and I could sense an eerie feeling in the air.
"Should we tell them?" I heard my first hour teacher frantically question the other "team" teachers. "No," one replied, "we don't know enough yet." I thought not much of it, and hurried into class, trying to avoid being "tardy". As i sat down and caught up with everyone around me of the previous night's television shows, my science teacher ran into the room and after trying to collect herself, told us that the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane. While none of us really new what the World Trade Center was or what type of plane it was, or the devasting consequences that followed, we quickly moved on and continued with our lesson. After five minutes or so another teacher ran in frantically and yelled that the second tower had been hit. Quickly we were told to go into the Social Studies room to watch the news. We didn't know what to make of it, but i recall the goosebumps which ran throughout my body. As we were watching the news the room of 55 seventh graders fell completely silent and still. Our minds, which were normally consumed with thoughts of instant messaging and the latest fashion trends became completely overwhelmed. Never in our lifetimes had we seen anything like this, except in the movies. I remember sitting crosslegged on the floor, lifting the sleeves on my purple long-sleeved T and covering my eyes. I couldn't bare to see the faces filled with grief which flashed across the tv screen. As we all sat there, cuddling up together, watching in disbelief, our principle ran in and turned the tv off. She insisted we not watch, but rather continue with our lessons. We sat through the rest of the day whispering this and that while our teachers taught with blank faces, looking like they were scared to death. Throughout the day parents came and picked up their kids, while others sat and hoped their loved ones in NYC were safe. Luckily, for me, my family was safe and located in the midwest, I silently counted my blessings. However, I recall a girl in my class being silently devasted, and you could see the sorrow in her eyes. Her uncle was killed in the Pentagon attacks, and I think she knew it right when she heard that the Pentagon, too, was targeted. I remember trying to support her. Later on, as we loaded the bus and drove home, rumors flooded the bus... and we all were admitting that we had never been so scared in our lives. We were anxious to get home and see what the news was. As we drove past a gas station we noticed the price of gas. It read $5.00 and there was a line 3 blocks down the road of cars waiting to get gas. We were terrified. After I got home I ran up our stairs to find my dad, watching the news solomnly. "WHAT HAPPENED, WHAT HAPPENED?!" I remember blurting out. My dad calmly explained what all had happened all day and what he predicted to happen. We went outside to sit on the porch and watch the skies. My dad had pointed out to me that there was no airtraffic allowed of any sorts, except military planes. He kept exclaiming the eerieness of having no air traffic, and when one army plane flew over, my heart lept, I was certain it was a terrorist. Later that night my cousins and I gathered and walked to the local Osco to buy American flags, we talked the whole way there and back, talking about what had occured, and how glad we are that we are Americans. We attatched the flags to everything and demonstrated our devout patriotism. I went to bed not being able to change the channel without seeing the reoccuring clips of the planes hitting the towers. I eventually dosed off, however, I woke up thirsty in the night and turned on the tv. The image flashed on the screen and my heart sank. It was real and America was suffering. I watched every special they showed honoring the victims which had fallen, and I sat speechless with every passing story. My heart broke everytime they spoke of it, and it still does. Tears pour down my cheeks to this very day, anytime I am reminded of the monstroucity that took place, that day, in 2001.

I feel that we must honor those who have fallen, for they are heroes to our country, and will forever be remembered for their courage...

God Bless America.
I will always remember, God bless those who were lost. You will always remain in my heart.
-anna allen
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