Friday, August 29, 2008

Shablam-a-blam! [[college commotion: 1.]]

funny occurrences from this week.

[during a dorm floor meeting ice-breaker]
RA: "let's go around and say your name, year, and major"
Kid:"My name is george, but you can call me the SpaceCowboy."
Kid2: "My name is Ryan and i am majoring in Booze, Boobs, and Babes."

[in the JayPlay: Wescoe Wit... (overheard conversations in Wescoe Hall)]
Guy: "My friend still calls his girlfriend “Adam’s rib.” She actually just dumped him."
Guy 1: "I have 4 percent body fat."
Guy 2: "Really? I have no idea what mine is. It’s at least 23."
Guy: "I once saw Michael Phelps jump out of a helicopter into a pool of Jell-O. He ate his way out—after swimming 45 laps, of course—then killed an entire clan of Samurai with just his big toe."
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