Sunday, July 13, 2008


i haven't written lately, not because i am especially busy, rather...lazy. when i pull up the blank canvas, a fresh entry, i get "bloggers-block". i get too befuddled over what i should write that i never even end up posting an entry. so ill just update on what ive been up to...
watching the office, every night with my parents. its my favorite, and if you haven't seen it, go to your local movie rental dealer and rent every copy available. it is absolutely phenomenal. i also saw Wall-E with my nephew nathan. it was pretty good, and it was great spending some quality time with my oldest nephew. anytime im down, he is there to give me a big hug and a "i love you!! wanna play?!" & recently when i told him i didn't want him to grow up anymore at the fourth of july, he came over, climbed up on my lap and replied: "anna, i love you too but i have to grow up, my birthday is coming, but you can still love me when im 5!!!!" it was absolutely precious and was very honest and true. good thing his birthday isn't until december so i can still enjoy 4 year old nathan for a while! :) i finished my first independent math study assignment so im feeling pretty good. o & im starting to read

its supposed to be fabulous!! i can't wait.
all for now, i am rather fatigued. bleh.
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