Wednesday, June 4, 2008

life lessons

yesterday was one of the best days of my summer thus far... i got to spend it with my fabulous nieces Carolyn & Julia. Carolyn is my sister Katie's feisty 3 year old who is an absolute blast to hang out with. It like spending the day with your best gal pal! Julia is Carolyn's 1 year old sister who is equally as fun. However, i was a little thrown off by the fact that she continually meowed (yes, meowed, as in what a kitten does...) the first 2 hours i was babysitting the two princesses. My sister and her husband offered me the opportunity to watch the girlies while they had some extra work to do. so the day began for me bright and early as i ventured out to Independence,MO around 6:50a.m.. Once i arrived all hydrated from the mocha i had slurped up on the way out to see my babies i was bombarded with hugs from carebear (my clever nickname i gave carolyn). i knew i had a day of fun ahead!
once julia ventured out of bed, we began our day of frolic! so of course, with much demand from the girlies, we did MAKE-UP. & carolyn had done a nice job of reminding me to bring all my "big girl" make-up!
as an aunt, it is my job to love all my little ones with all my might, and guide them through their journey of life. for my 3 little nieces, (my sister emily also has a little girl natalie, along with her two boys nathan and noah.)
i quote coco chanel:
"A girl should be two things: Classy & Fabulous."

after our make-up bonanza we got out of our pj's & headed to the park. we love make-up, but we love to play just as much, while looking gorgeous! we had a blast & explored everything the playground had to offer...

after a long morning of beauty, play, and grubbing at mcdonalds, we were ready for a nap. carolyn snuggled up in her big girl bed, while julia and i cuddled & watched The Bachelorette marathon. after the first two episodes julia was zonked

& i could no longer ride that Vh1 emotional roller coaster. so instead, i was able to catch up on some much needed reading. i suggest everyone go out & get their hands on this hilarious book.
Are You There Vodka? It's Me,Chelsea
absolutely brilliant. read it. do it. go!

once the girls woke up Katie was home so i handed over the little chicks, (or kittens ,as julia's meowing would have suggested) to their momma hen.
it was a Great day, lots of memories made, many moments cherished.

quote of the day...
[as carolyn & i were sitting on the couch watching the Bachelorette finale, Trista & Ryan's wedding...]
me: "Don't you think Ryan is handsome"
carolyn: " no. he is NOT."

“Pure love produces pure nonsense.”
-Jonathan Klinger
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  1. aw, sounds like such a fun day, Chris and I need to get out there to play with both of your sisters kids :-)

    Hope summer is going well, and you're right I did love the Sex and the City movie!


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