Monday, June 30, 2008

Let the good times all roll out...

first & foremost, i would like to say happy birthday to some legitimately ballin' people.
1. happy birthday to my brother-in-law brandon.
he is by far one of the nicest people you will ever meet & great to chat with about sports. he puts up with all of our families antics since he came around our clan when i was in 4th grade! most importantly he can put up my sister katies crazy shenanigans, while quietly smiling, showing no strain of wanting to kill her. haha.

[brandon & katie, 2007]

2. happy birthday to my cousin/best pal Geoff.

[Geoff, Me, Jon, 199?]
its hard to believe he is now 20. it seems like yesterday we were sitting in our second grade classrooms, making faces at each other across the hall. we have known each other since birth, and have been there for each other through many things. having him in my grade, having lived only a cul-de-sac away for most of our adolescents, solidified our friendship beyond cousins. i cherish the memories we have had together & can not wait to see what else is ahead in this adventure we call our lives.

i got to go out to my hometown, IndepMO yesterday to spend it with geoff & jon(his brother, my other cousin) & it felt so good to be back. creating havoc together as if we were still 10. thats one thing (of 10832489042 things) i am incredibly thankful for in my life. my close family. i have so many cousins which i consider some of my best friends. many friends have come and gone in my life, many friendships lost, but i have always been a phone call, or even at one point in my life, a bike ride away, from some of the best friends i have ever had. and the best part is, they know more about me then some of my friends will ever know: we share the same roots, a sacred past. Not a day goes by, that i don't cherish a memory we shared.
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