Tuesday, June 24, 2008

this is it. i feel it in my bones.

much needed quality time with my significant other, television. as much as i LOVE sportscenter, it feels great to sit down with my old friends. peter griffin, ellen degeneres, the kardashians, conan o'brien, nancy grace (one of my crazier pals) & of course, chelsea handler, my tv bestie. the first show i caught of hers after my 3 weeks of being tv deprived, i saw this ad:
basically people, we are destined. so heres what i need, ideas, advice, support, & money. (i mostly need money, not necessarily for this endeavor, rather the lack of it i have in general...jokes people, jokes.) so email me (aeallen@gmail.com) or leave a message on here.
this is it guys. so if you wanna be mentioned in my emmy, grammy, oscar, espy, or whatever award i manage to win someday, be sure to let me know your thoughts.
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