Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"The glass isn't half full, it isn't half empty, its just twice as big as it needs to be." -free for all

all i can say is thank goodness its wednesday. this week feels like it is taken a ridiculously long time. tests, papers, and a 15 minute presentation in german have taken up all my time. luckily, i have a moment to breathe, and get my thoughts in order. or attempt to at least.
the rain is STILL pouring. it started during my German Literature exam today at 3 and has yet to cease. after my exam, my essay style exam, side note:(i get way to into writing on such tests that i often forget my point by the end... :/... ), i ventured to the bus stop, waited, the bus pulled up, barely stopped, open and shut the door in one action, and sped off. i sprinted, yelled, stopped, proceeded to wait for the next bus, in the POURING rain. i realize then, that the kids waiting across the street for the bus inside Bailey Hall have witnessed my whole ordeal, and i then feel like an even BIGGER dumbass and try position myself under the tree the best i can to prevent a complete drenching. when i finally arrived back at the good 'ole dorms i got onto the free for all in hopes of not finding a comment about my lameness. i was relieved when i didn't find anything. But i did come across some funny comments that gave me a well needed laugh. here are a few...

"There was an asian on campus today that would randomly stop to break out some dance moves, then stop to pick up his bag and continued walking..."
then this appeared above it:
"Only an asian...only an asian."

"I'm naming my first born Mario Arthur Rush McLovin"

then two people have been messaging about "meeting up for a pre-finals makeout" and this is a portion of their messages.
boy-"To the pre-finals make-out girl: How does on Stop Day at Anschutz Library sound?"
boy-"How does 5PM on stop day sound. I'll wear an orange shirt. Meet me in the commons"
pre-finals make-out girl-"That sounds perfect. I'll wear a purple shirt!"
random kid interrupting-"is this really going on.. I will be wearing a green shirt and taking a pictures to post on facebook to laugh at the two losers who met on the free for all wall."

hahahahahaha. weirdest thing ever, but entertaining. i have to admit.

minus the fact i was just informed that i don't have a job after schools out and i have no money in the bank, this week is going to be ok.
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