Sunday, April 27, 2008

25% less sugar.

i have a capri sun addiction. i hadn't had one for at least 7 years until a glorious day over spring break. i quickly returned to the dorms with a full stock of cs (thats short for "capri sun" ;) ) and i ripped open the first box anticipating a refreshing, delicious thirst quencher, but instead i felt as though i had just drank a cup of strawberry toothpaste backwash. HEINOUS. absolutely heinous. luckily i was had a box of strawberry kiwi and wild cherry that i knew would hit the spot. so now, i have a pile of strawberry cs's in my refrigerator... if you care to try it, i can hook you up.
quick quirk-
as i was searching for the above posted picture, i stumbled upon this "lunchbox idea":

1. who the hell does that.
2. who the hell is willing to spend time putting their food puzzle together. i don't have the self control. i was the kid in class that ate the m&m's passed out for "math examples" before the teacher was even done passing them out to the rest of the class!
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